Useful Cabinet Organizer from Mathis, Texas


Originally designed to organize medicine cabinets, Clever Shelf offers endless possibilities for the home. It serves perfectly as a kitchen and bathroom organizer to help keep pantries, shelves, and bathroom cabinets organized and uncluttered.

Bathroom Cabinet - Cabinet Organizer

Supporter of the United Service Organizations Inc. (USO)

Made in the U.S.A.


Have you ever seen an empty refrigerator Door? Would you buy a refrigerator with no storage on the inside of the door?

Bet the answer to both questions is no!
If your cabinets had come with storage on the inside of the doors, would you use it? Of course you would! All of those small
items that you can’t find because they are at the back of the shelf could be on the inside of the door in plain sight.

Now you can add shelves to the inside of your Cabinet doors!
Quickly installed • Inexpensive • No tools required

Learn about Clever Shelf

Made in the USA, Clever Shelf is a cabinet organizer available to customers nationwide from our headquarters in Mathis, TX. The inventor of the Clever Shelf, Jim Loucks, has 50 years of experience inventing a variety of items. The Clever Shelf is his best invention yet. It is the most versatile product on the market and is both inexpensive and easy to install. Use it in your bathroom and kitchen, or in your garage, travel trailer, or motor home, where cabinet space is limited and organization is key.

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